Announcement of 2011 enterprise rating results

According to Official Letter No: 3835 / BQP-CTC dated 04/12/2012 of the Ministry of Defense on publicizing the results of classification of enterprises in 2011. Thai Son Corporation Limited, achieved classification results Business in 2011 as follows:

– The parent company (MTV limited liability company) has achieved A rating
Satra Thai Son Joint Stock Company has achieved A rating
– Thai Son Construction & Real Estate Construction Joint Stock Company achieved grade A results
– Thai Son Technology Joint Stock Company achieves A rating
– Nam Thai Son Joint Stock Company achieved grade A results
Based on the results of classification of enterprises in 2011, the Ministry of Defense requires units and enterprises to:
1. Organize thorough understanding of enterprises to continue striving to accomplish the objectives and tasks assigned in 2012 and subsequent years, ensuring effective production and business; Preserve and develop the state capital.
2. Focus on business reengineering, where the focus is on capital structure. The process of restructuring must be based on the plan, route, purpose, accurate calculation of conditions and resources, linked to the scale of growth, the results to be used as a basis; Completely resolving financial backlogs, bad debts, inventories and unfinished investment.
3. Strictly observe the law and the Ministry of Defense in production and business; To pay the budget in full and in accordance with regulations.
4. To bring into full play the role of owner representatives in inspecting, supervising, directing and guiding enterprises to well perform their production and business tasks and financial management; To timely detect, correct and report to the Ministry on signs of violation of the enterprise in the process of implementation.

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