The 70th anniversary traditional day Military Policy (26-2-1947 / 26-2-2017)
Over 70 years of construction, fighting, work; Under the leadership and direction of the Central Military Commission of the Ministry of Defense; Direct and direct guidance of heads of General Department of Politics; The interest of leaders, commanders at all levels in the army, units and units inside and outside the army, the support and assistance of officers, soldiers and people, To mature, to perform well the function of advising, directing and organizing the implementation of policies towards the army, the fire brigades, building up the tradition: "Unite in solidarity, devotion to work, initiative, Overcoming difficulties, completing excellent tasks assigned.
Representatives of Thai Son Corporation (Ministry of Defense) and local authorities donate houses of gratitude to family policy beneficiaries in Binh Dai district, Ben Tre province. Photo: HOANG THANH    

In the resistance war against the French colonialists, although newly established but with a spirit of devotion and initiative, the military policy has actively advised, proposed to organize and successfully implement policies for the army. Teams and Teams; Help Politics Bureau (now TCCT) successfully organized the first TB-LS. Subsequently, the sector has proposed and acted as the core to carry out the movement of wounded soldiers to the village, opening a new direction of wound care in the conditions of the country, the army still has many difficulties.

In the war against the United States, the Salvation Army, the Military Policy Branch has advised on the good work of mobilizing and rewarding the battlefield, stepping up the emulation movement to kill the enemy, striving to win the victory and the organization. Care, care, nursing care of wounded soldiers, sick soldiers thoughtful, timely. Propose policies and implement the management and care of millions of military families in the rear; Mobilize people, the strength of the hospital for the front line, contribute to the country won many glorious victories, completely liberated the South, reunification of the country.

Army Medical Brigade 144 (General Staff) medical examination, free medicine, gifting family policy and elderly people in Dinh Hoa district (Thai Nguyen province). Photo: Minh Truong.

In the early years of the doi moi, adhering to the guidelines and policies of the Party, the socio-economic situation of the country, the requirements of the revolution; With the spirit of innovation, the Military Policy Branch has taken the initiative in advising on the synchronous system of regimes and policies for the army, the IHG and the movement " Gratitude". It was proposed to renovate salary policy, social insurance and incentives for people with meritorious services; Major undertakings and solutions on the work of fallen heroes; Assisted TCCT, the Central Military Committee and the Ministry of Defense proposed the Party and State to recognize the title of heroic Vietnamese Mother. This policy policy has a social-political and humanitarian significance, reflecting the patriotic traditions, the philosophy of drinking water, the "gratitude" of the nation.

Officials of the Commune People's Committee of Lap Thach District, Vinh Phuc Province pay the policy regime to the public sector according to Decision 49 of the Prime Minister. Photo: Hong Sang

In recent years, under the leadership and direction of the Central Military Commission - Ministry of Defense, TCCT, the Military Policy branch has made great efforts to study, propose, perfect and implement policies for military development. Teams and teams in the new era; To promptly advise on the implementation of the Law on Officers of the Vietnam People's Army, the Law on Military Service, the Law on Military Professional, the Defense Workers and Officers, the Law on Militia and Self-Defense Force, the Law on Social Insurance And policies that serve the needs of military development. To attach importance to the recommendation and implementation of incentive policies for the task force; The regimes and policies to attract officials and soldiers on duty in hardships, hardships, deep-lying, remote, border, sea, island and international tasks; The regimes and policies in service of organization and payroll streamlining; Support for military enterprises. To step by step propose policies to preserve and develop high-quality human resources; To ensure better material and spiritual life for officials and soldiers. Continuously renovate and better implement the HP policy, actively contributing to the material life and spirit of retired army cadres; To promptly support the families of armymen in active service who have special difficulties, sacrifices or death.

The industry has proposed the implementation of the policy of health insurance for relatives of military personnel, workers and defense officials working; Extend the regime of support for apprenticeship and employment for demobilized servicemen; At the same time, acting as the core, encouraging agencies, units, enterprises and the entire people to organize the practical and effective activities of "Gratitude" and supporting heroic Vietnamese mothers. Promote the program of gratitude houses, teammates, twinning activities, sponsorship, caring for people with meritorious services; Proposing and step by step creating jobs for war invalids and sick soldiers to work in the army. Especially, in recent years, the branch has advised to propose to the Party and State guidelines and solutions. The great work of the grave martyrs' graves and address the post-war policies; Promoting the synergy, the entry of the entire political system, concerned and guided by the units and localities throughout the country, drastically and effectively.

With the initiative, deepening reality, understanding the mind and aspirations of the people and policy beneficiaries, the Military Policy Branch has presided over the study and proposal to the TCCT, the Central Military Commission, the Ministry of Defense To submit to the Politburo, the Government and the Prime Minister for promulgation and implement well the regimes and policies for the participants in the resistance war against France, against the Americans, the war for national defense and national missions. fall. It is the right policy, appropriate people, political significance, social deeply, is commissioned, the government at all levels, people and policy beneficiaries appreciate.

The achievements of the policy work (CTCS) in the military 70 years have confirmed that: CTCS is an important aspect of the work of the Party, political work; Along with other aspects of work, constantly improve the material and spiritual life of cadres, soldiers, people with merits and HPQ, to motivate the army's construction and combat. As President Ho Chi Minh instructed: "Strong military is through smart education, right policy and strict discipline." With all the enthusiasm, intelligence and strength, the military policy has contributed to our army and people have successfully overcome the struggle for national liberation, unification, construction and security. National defense.

In the face of new mission requirements, the cause of military development and IHL is growing. The mission of CTCS must be deployed in large quantity and high requirements, requiring the contingent of cadres and soldiers to continue to promote the traditions, actively strive, overcome difficulties, successfully implement tasks. assigned; In which, we should focus on the following contents:

Firstly, to continue to deeply grasp the Party's lines and ideas, policies and laws of the State; CTCS instructions in the military. To actively study and thoroughly grasp the Resolution of the XIIth Party Congress, the Resolution of the Tenth Party Congress; The directives of the Central Military Commission, especially the Directive No. 368 / CT-QUTW of the Central Military Commission of the Party "On strengthening the leadership and directing the CTCS for the army and the fighters in the 2016-2020 period". In the time to come, CTCS will focus on doing good research, forecasting situation, promptly detecting, selecting and identifying the right proposition; To closely coordinate with functional agencies inside and outside the army, promote democracy, capacity for thinking, creating and practicing experiences, concentrating on institutionalizing and step by step perfecting the main system. The books on wages, allowances, subsidies, social insurance and preferential treatment for people with meritorious services in the army are in line with the process of reforming the social policies of the State and characteristics of military activities in each period. sign. To continue proposing and supplementing regimes and policies for subjects performing new tasks or new tasks; Staff downsizing policy; To attract and encourage talented people, scientists, skilled workers and high quality human resources to serve in the army. Develop the policy of HPF and promote the movement "Gratitude" in accordance with the requirements of building and defending the Fatherland in the new situation.

Secondly, continue to innovate, improve the quality of implementation of regimes and policies, ensure thorough, dedicated, practical and effective. It is necessary to focus on implementing the policy towards professionalism, transparency, simplification and gradual modernization. CTCS should focus on the good resolution of the regime for the subjects: active forces, retired, retired, transferred industry; To well implement the policy for resistance war protesters, national defense war and international tasks. Encourage resources, organizations and individuals, continue to advise and organize many forms of activities "Gratitude", care for people with meritorious services to the revolution; Promote the program of gratitude houses, teammates; Care and repair the martyrs cemetery. Continue to effectively implement the project of searching and collecting the remains of martyrs; To promptly and thoroughly resolve the policy of war invalids and martyrs for officials and soldiers who are wounded, sacrificed or died while on duty in the new period. The process of organizing the implementation of regimes and policies should bring into play the combined strengths of the whole political system; To have specific programs, plans and measures to create close and harmonious coordination among all levels and branches within and outside the army.

Thirdly, strictly observe the working regime, constantly innovating methods and working style in the whole industry. Regularly grasping and grasping the guiding principles, orientations and principles for building social policies and ensuring the social security of the Party and the State; Always keep abreast of reality, understand the thoughts, aspirations and needs of policy beneficiaries; Timely detect and solve problems arising. To attach importance to the elaboration of work plans and programs with specific contents and measures; To actively carry out new tasks and contents.

Fourthly, to regularly take care of building up the policy agencies and the contingent of cadres, employees and soldiers to do strong CTCS at all levels. Policy agencies at all levels should take the initiative in advising and proposing to the Party committees, commanders, political commissars and politicians to build a contingent of officials and employees in sufficient quantity and structure, To provide training and professional training so that the contingent of revolutionary virtuous members is clear, knowledgeable, capable of comprehensive, intensive, methodical and good working manner, meeting the requirements of tasks in New situation. To bring into play the role of leaders, commanders at all levels and functional branches inside and outside the army, in order to propose correct policies and organize the implementation of regimes and policies.

Promoting the tradition of "united, dedicated, active, creative", all the officers, soldiers, defense workers and employees of the Military Policy branch continue to strive for and take the initiative in advising and organizing the successful implementation of policies towards the army and the army; Building a clean and strong party organization; Policy agencies at all levels are strong, comprehensive, meet the requirements and tasks in the new situation.

Lieutenant-general ĐỖ CĂN, deputy director of the Political Bureau of the People's Army of Vietnam