Actively implementing modernization, socialization, and energy saving policy under the guideline of the Party and State, ThaiSon Group recently had a meeting with ALG SYSTEMS Co., Ltd. (Korea) to discuss "Smart IoT Street Light" project.
The Group recognizes the opportunity of the Proposed Replacement high-pressure public street lights with "energy saving LEDs", which had high illumination efficiency, longer lifespan and ensuring the best possible illumination. Especially, in addition to the ability to adjust the light level auto, ALG SYSTEMS’s LED has an integrated camera and wifi, that help improve the traffic efficiently, and anyone can obtain all information continuously and timely with wifi connection. 
After discussions, ThaiSon Group and ALG has determined that "Smart IoT Street Light" project is expected to achieve high economic efficiency and great significance in society and environment when implemented. 
Both Parties agreed to sign a cooperation agreement on March 21, 2017, at the head office of ThaiSon Group - Ministry of Defense.
There were members of the Board of Management and representatives of ThaiSon Group and ALG SYSTEMS attending the signing ceremony.