After receiving a number of units, Thai Son Corporation (Ministry of Defense) has promoted the restructuring, streamlining, reorganizing production and business in groups, professional lines, creating conditions. Suit the units to bring into full play their strengths and expand the mode of mobilizing resources, raising the efficiency of production and business as well as enhancing national defense and security.
Thai Son Corporation is an economic - defense enterprise operating in the form of a one member limited liability company owned by the Ministry of Defense, performing the functions and tasks of national defense. - security (QP-AN) and part of production, business (SX, KD). In 2011, Thai Son Corporation became a subsidiary under the Ministry, operating under the model parent company - subsidiary. This creates favorable conditions for GDT to further expand its size and position in the market as well as to open up opportunities for integration. However, the management mechanism has not kept up with the development, production expansion, business; The staffing of enterprises with capital contribution of GDT is uneven; Management experience, business management is limited. Therefore, Thai Son Corporation has set up a scheme and actively deploys enterprise restructuring to build a more rational management organization system; It focuses on the main business lines, in line with the development strategies and tasks assigned by the Ministry of Defense to the GDT.

To implement that guideline, TCT determines: Comprehensive restructuring, including parent company and member companies; Maintaining the growth rate and creating a breakthrough in production and business lines for the Corporation to develop sustainably in the next stage. In particular, focusing on manufacturing, trading are: Application and technology transfer; Import of military equipment and facilities; Investing in real estate; Building defense and civil works; Export and import aquatic products, seafood, agricultural products; Clearance, mine action, explosives and vocational training, etc.

To concretize that guideline, GDT has been reviewing the objectives of developing and perfecting development strategies, production and business plans and plans for the implementation of anti-security missions and working environment. Ensure organizational structure and operation mechanism in line with GDT's development strategy and business plan. In the process of restructuring, GDT focused on improving the efficiency of the management system on the basis of adjusting the organizational structure towards the direction of clean and neat, promoting the capacity and strength of the contingent of cadres and increasing Effectiveness, effective supervision of the leadership, management of all activities of the GDT.

Since the receipt of Long Binh Industrial Park Development Company (LOTECO) and 394 Construction Company, TCT has reviewed and evaluated the management and reorganization, renovation and restructuring of enterprises, To help TCT overcome difficulties, increase business efficiency, reduce costs, increase competitiveness to overcome the crisis. The leaders and commanders of the GDT have formulated the project, taking initiative in solutions to restructure GDT and its subsidiaries and associates. On that basis, GDT has taken necessary steps to convert TCT and its member companies into one-member limited liability companies through the handling of capital, assets, finance and labor. ; Re-determination of charter capital, business registration and registration of property rights. Accordingly, the Corporation has promoted trade, service and construction; Promoting trade promotion, expanding market and new business lines; Invest in mine and UXO clearance; To intensify the deployment of the field of technology transfer and scientific and technical services. At the same time, withdrawing capital, divesting capital of 5 subsidiaries and 4 associates; Restructure the organizational structure of the office block; Issuance of regulations, regulations on internal management, expenditure management, reduction of 4 business lines, suspension and suspension of 3 investment projects ... With the motto not to change the structure and model Growth affects business, business and QP-AN tasks, GDT has developed the Charter and Financial Management Regulations of the parent company; Regulation of General Director of TCT; The Internal Control Regulations, the management of the operations of the branches, step by step establish the governance regulations in line with the world's advanced management practices, contributing to improving standards, Transparency in GDT activities. On the other hand, TCT directs to adjust the scale and structure of companies and member units in the direction of focusing on key sectors. As a result, in the period of 2010 - 2012, GDT has saved tens of billions of dong.

Typically in the restructuring, reorganization SX, KD is: Construction Company 394 and LOTECO Company. When TCT received Construction Company No. 394 from Bien Hoa 11, had accumulated debt of nearly VND 100 billion, but TCT has been fully processed, restructured and reorganized; After more than 5 years of merger with the Corporation, Construction Company No. 394 has a turnover of over VND 300 billion and annual profit of VND 7 billion. Particularly LOTECO, when the merger from Company 28 (General Department of Logistics) of Thai Son Corporation, has accumulated debt of nearly $ 20 million. In addition to handling the debt of LOTECO Company, TCT still holds 100 hectares of land for the Ministry of Defense; Stable organization and staffing; Manufacturing and trading activities have been growing, with an annual profit of over US $ 3 million, higher revenue of the previous year than the previous year and affirming the Company's prestige with investors; The life of workers has been improved; The superior and the local donate many noble rewards. At present, Thai Son Corporation is focusing on accelerating the implementation of the Master Plan on Economic Restructuring in association with the transformation of the growth model towards enhancing the quality, efficiency and competitiveness in the 2013-2020 period. Decision 339 / QD-TTg and Directive 11 / CT-TTg of the Prime Minister.

Based on the rational organizational structure, the Party Committee and the Directorate of the GDT have focused on leading and directing the rapid completion and efficient operation of the Regulation on Management and Development of the Strategic Plan Production, sales of GDT in the period of 2010 - 2015, vision to 2020; Among them, to focus on building products and key activities under Thai Son brand name. TCT adheres to the Ministry of Defense's economic development orientation for military enterprises: Economic development while attaching importance to scientific research and technology transfer for national defense and defense. Accordingly, the Corporation focuses on investing heavily in the field of science and technology: waste treatment and domestic water; Bioproducts used for aquaculture; Clearance and disposal of mines and unexploded ordnance. Besides the products from the application and technology transfer; Waste treatment, waste water, water supply; Dried fish for export; Frozen seafood for export; Chemicals, TCT also promote effectiveness, strength in capital construction, investment in infrastructure, has invested and deployed many projects such as housing project for officers and soldiers in Phuoc Kieng, Nha Be district; Residential project in ward 17, Go Vap district; Center for Trade Promotion and Military Exhibitions, Tan Binh District; Maximmax supermarket, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City; The SunShine Hill luxury villa development in Mui Ne, Binh Thuan province, ... Besides, TCT has organized many civil and industrial projects, traffic, irrigation; Ho Chi Minh City - Trung Luong Expressway; The expansion of National Highway 91 in Can Tho city and many projects in remote and isolated areas, islands, etc. Despite the impact of the global economic recession and price fluctuations In the domestic market, many businesses suffered losses and dissolved. However, in 3 years (2011 - 2013), GDT actively directed its member units to implement well-worthy projects. High-tech projects, such as apartment and apartment projects in 20 Cong Hoa (Ho Chi Minh City), A2 Pham Hung House (Hanoi). At the same time, GDT instructs the member units to organize the execution of many defense projects in remote, deep-lying, border and offshore areas, such as border patrol roads and works of the Ministry Border Guards and Marine Region 5 in the Phu Quoc Island District, Hon Khoai District, Kien Giang Province, etc. These works and projects not only contribute significantly to socio-economic development, but also Significant importance in enhancing QP-AN in each area.

In order to meet the requirements of international economic integration, GDT actively implemented the policy of diversifying its professions and expanding its market share and market; Implementing many trade and investment promotion programs in foreign markets (Russia, Ukraine, Laos, Cambodia, Korea, China, Singapore, ...). In 2 years (2011 - 2012) joint venture with N & M Company, Thai Son Corporation has invested in building Rainbow Trade Center in Kyiv city, Ukraine. Together with the successful application and transfer of the research results of the Vietnam-Russia Tropical Center and some advanced technologies, TCT has successfully completed the task of transferring technology and importing materials and equipment. Being under the direction of the superior.

Associated with SX, KD, Thai Son Corporation is well implemented defense tasks, taking it as the goal, long-term development of the GDT. Therefore, the restructure of GDT is also aimed at the above target. Every year, GDT complete political education and military training programs as required. With the spirit of "Pioneers as soldier", GDT has been actively cooperating with units and localities in implementing many projects on defense; Combining QP-AN with SX, KD. At present, TCT concentrates on the completion of the ongoing defense projects, such as: DakBo - Kon Tum border patrol road; Border posts; Naval and Coast Guard units in Cam Ranh, Phu Quoc, Ba Ria - Vung Tau, and construction works outside the Military ... In addition to the successful implementation of defense projects, The member of the GDT actively cooperates with the local authorities and people to do well in ensuring the political security, social order and safety in the area. Officers, soldiers and employees in the GDT keep their close relationship with the people, actively help the people and rely on people to overcome all difficulties and fulfill their tasks. As a result, the results of production and business of Thai Son Corporation have always achieved high growth rate and economic efficiency, good quality, safe in all aspects, fulfilled financial obligations to the State and higher level. Through restructuring, improving the effectiveness of QP-AN and production, sales life of staff and workers improved; The position and prestige of GDT is constantly improving.

With these achievements, GDT has been awarded noble awards by the State, Army and localities; Among them are the "Golden Globe" Award organized by the Trade Fair Organizing Committee of Vietnam - WTO 2008; Golden Award "Famous Businesses of Opening and Integration" (2009); 1 second-class Labor Order (2010); 1 Third Labor Medal (2005) and many other noble awards. It is the premise that encourages the GDT to continue building a clean and strong Party, building a strong and comprehensive unit, constantly improving the competitiveness, capacity and efficiency of production, KD, successfully completed the assigned QP-AN task, worthy of the title "Pioneers as soldiers".

President and CEO

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