On April 10, 2017, the signing ceremony of business cooperation between ThaiSon Group and Bejing Jayu Window Door & Curtain Wall Company (China) took place at ThaiSon Group’s head office - Ministry of Defense.
JAYU Company was the leading integrated system supplier for Door and Windows & Façade design/research/production in China. Up to now, JAYU has more than 26 production basement and representative offices and branches in major cities across China; JAYU products have been also popular and used in North America, South America, Far East, Middle East, as well as ASEAN and Vietnam.
Recognizing the potential and good opportunities for business development for both sides, ThaiSon Group and JAYU Company agreed to sign a commercial coordination to promote the consumption of JAYU’s optimal products in Vietnam market.
There were senior members of the Board of Management of both sides attending the signing ceremony.