On the ninth day of the Lunar New Year, leaders of Thai Son Corporation - Ministry of Planning and Investment held a mission to visit Tet and inspect the situation of departments and activities. Business of the Company 394 XL. Thai Son Vocational Training Center and 20 RPMU.

According to a quick report from agencies and units during the Lunar New Year, the Tet holiday has been organized to welcome Tet staff for employees, laborers thoughtful, full, as well as ensuring the safety of property, facilities, single for. Especially, the staffs of the Corporation always maintain the number of troops in order to better serve the people living in the urban areas of the corporation to welcome Xuan Quy Ty.
Comrade Chairman, General Director was pleased to congratulate the achievements of the units achieved in the past year, and wish the collective leaders of employees New Year is always healthy, eagerly labor To overcome the current difficulties, strive to achieve even higher.
On behalf of all employees, employees of units and agencies have thanked the interest of the chairman and general director, and at the same time put the determination of the collective units in the new year. You will unite hard, flexibility in production and business, determined to achieve the goals set.