On April 22, 1991, the Minister of Defense signed the Decision No. 128 / QDQP establishing the Tropical Technique for Tropico Engineering Company, the precursor of Thai Son Corporation. Currently belong to Vietnam - Tropical Center of the Soviet Union. The main task is to apply and transfer scientific results of the Vietnam-Russia Soviet Center (now Vietnam-Russia) and domestic and foreign scientific and economic institutions in the field of Economy and defense. . The company's initial facilities are home to only four-storey and only a few dozen employees.

On August 3, 1993, the Department of Defense decided to reestablish the Tropical Applications Science and Technology Application Company Tropico (Tropico). Dai Nam Tourism Trade Company (Datexim), under the Vietnam-Russia Tropical Center.

On April 15, 1996, Minister of Defense issued Decision No. 502 / QD-BQP to integrate Tropical Science and Applied Technology Company with Dai Nam Trading and Tourism Company. Thai Son Company (Thasimex). ) According to the Vietnam-Russia Tropical Center.

In pursuit of the policy of restructure the business of the Government, on 7 September 2006, Thai Son Company was changed to operate as a parent company. With continuous efforts and maturity in all aspects, on February 9, 2010 under the Minister of Defense's Decision No. 419 / QĐ-BQP, Thai Son Company was honored to be transformed into a Company. . Thai Son Corporation, operating in the form of parent company and subsidiary, and on 26/7/2011 under the Decision 2666 / QĐ-BQP of Minister of Defense, General You will be transferred status quo from Vietnam-Russia Tropical Center on the Ministry of Defense. The organization currently consists of 23 member organizations, 11 subsidiaries, 13 joint ventures, more than 5,000 employees, many national and some potential overseas markets, facilities Spacious, with assets worth trillions of VND worth;

In the last 22 years, with the whole army performing two strategic missions, building and protecting the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Thai Son Corporation has actively pursued the policy of enhancing national defense and National security. Associated with the socio-economic development, good functioning of a "workforce and military production".

To successfully carry out the task of production and business, the company has always paid much attention to building the organization, established many affiliated agencies, contributed capital to set up many joint stock companies, including shareholders dominate in many Big company. At the same time, to take the initiative in joint ventures with economic units inside and outside the army to speed up the business development of the Corporation.

The business operation of the Corporation always attains high growth rate and economic efficiency, ensuring good quality and safety in all aspects, fulfilling the state budget remittance obligation and higher level. Through effective production and business activities, staff and workers' lives have been improved; The facilities of the Corporation have been upgraded and the status and prestige of the Corporation has been improved.

To successfully accomplish all the missions, the last 22 years, Thai Son Corporation has always been interested in developing forces, effectively implementing human resource management policies, ensuring the alignment Reasonable arrangement of labor arrangements. In order to well train and improve professional skills and management capacity of staff, the Corporation now has 98.6% staff with universities and postgraduate . Staff on the payroll are skilled and skilled.

Regularly focus on building facilities, improve the working conditions of officials and employees.

In the work of unit building, the company always performs well the political and ideological education for officials and employees, thoroughly grasp and strictly implement Party policies, resolutions, policies and laws. . Laws of the State, directives, regulations of higher levels and rules and regulations of units. Strictly abide by the regime and usual regulations, strictly abide by the discipline and laws of the military, maintain political stability in units, and actually accomplish accomplishing all tasks. . Delivery

Regular care to consolidate the consolidation of mass organizations; companies now have three unions; 4 union member bases and 2 union bases. There are 10 grassroots organizations. People's organizations have good performance emulation movement; The results of the classification of the masses every year have reached excellent standards of excellence. Corporations must be strong all the time.

  Along with the mission of improving business efficiency, the corporation always focuses on public relations and social policy. Engage actively in providing financial support for gratitude, gratitude, poverty alleviation, and helping people affected by natural calamities and floods in many provinces and cities across the country. The total amount of support in the last five years is VND14.2 billion (2012 alone: ​​VND4.2 billion).

Organize twinning activities with agencies, units inside and outside the military. Actively participate in exemplary local movements, contribute to strengthening the solidarity of the people, maintaining political security, social order and safety, the Party, the government and the people. The locality where the unit garrisoned.

In party building work: From an initial unit with just eight party members, it has now become a grassroots commission. On August 17, 2011, the Corporation's party was handed over to the military. Central Party Committee under Decision No. 342QĐ / QUTW of the Central Military Commission. Currently, the Party has two party committees and 15 sub-branches; 14 branches are part of the party base committee of more than 250 party members. During the process of building, the Party of the Party gradually led the Corporation to overcome the difficulties and challenges to achieve many excellent achievements in all areas. The results of annual quality analysis, party committees and committees of all corporations have achieved a strong clean standard.

More than 22 years of persistence in implementing the guideline of action "Pioneer is a soldier" Thai Son Corporation has overcome difficulties, challenges, fulfilled all tasks, resolutely develop both force and strength. strong. , Write about the history of pride for the generations of cadres, soldiers and workers of corporations, the Party, the State, the Army, ministries, sectors and many localities awarded many titles and sections. Noble prize.

       The President awarded the Third Class Labor Medal 01, 01 Second Labor Order, for "excellent achievements in production and business in the period of 2000-2004 and the period of 2005-2010. Build up armies, consolidate defense and protect your squad. "

 Received three certificates of merit from the Prime Minister; 2 certificates of merit from the Minister of Defense; 7 Certificates of Merit from the Politburo; 10 certificates of merit of Vietnam - Russia and two certificates of merit of the People's Committee. Ho Chi Minh.

Awarded emulation flag 1 Government; 3 emulation flags of Ministry of Defense; 2 emulation flags of TCCT; Two emulation flags of the City People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City donate "Unit with excellent achievements 10 years of construction and development 1996-2006" and "20 years of construction and development 1991-2011"; 5 emulation flags of Vietnam - the Russian Federation and awarded by the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor "For social progress and sustainable development" in 2006; The Trade Fair Organizing Committee of Vietnam and the WTO - the "Golden Globe 2007" and the Second Soldier Integral Program for the Golden "The Famous Business of the Opening and Integration" awards year. 2009.

Corporate Party committees were rewarded: 2 Flag of the Central Military Commission on "Organization of clean and strong grassroots party organizations from 2001 to 2005" and "2005-2009". In 2011, the Central Organizing Committee, the Central Committee of Propaganda and Training and the Journal of Righteous Polls voted to honor the "excellent party organization in the first enterprise."

Along with the awards of the Corporation, there are also dozens of member units and hundreds of individuals of the Party, State and Army; Ministries, central and local departments donate noble rewards. The achievements that Thai Son Corporation has achieved over the past 22 years are always associated with the achievements of the renovation of the country and is made up of the causes:

The corporation has always received the attention of the Central Military Commission (now the Central Military Committee), the head of the Ministry of Defense; Party Committee, commander of the Russian Russia Center for Tropical; The great and effective help of ministries, committees, committees, local authorities and people, the cooperation and support of agencies, units, partners and national partners. and water. out.

The party committee, commander of the corporation unites, dynamic, sensitive in leadership, direction, while promoting the role of the individual in charge.

The contingent of cadres and party members maintain their political will, peace of mind and solidarity, determination to build a high unit, ready to receive and fulfill all duties.

The corporation always carries on developing standards of working culture and effective activities in cultural activities in all its activities.

In 2012 despite the world situation, the region continues to develop complex. Our economy faces many difficulties and challenges: unstable macroeconomics, low competitiveness; High inflation; Business results of enterprises are still difficult ...; Natural disasters, epidemics still have many uncertainties; The scope of operations of the Corporation is widely dispersed, directly affecting the production and business activities of the Corporation. However, with the efforts of all officials, employees and employees, the corporation still resolutely develops. Completely carry out production and business tasks.

Total revenue: VND 1,988,799,000,000 (reaching 102% of the plan);

Paying the budget: VND 82001929100 (reaching 100% of the plan);

Profit: VND 9,158 billion (reaching 101% of the plan);

Average income: 6.5 million VND / person / month (reaching 100% of the plan).

In 2012, the party led the company to accomplish a number of important tasks, such as: directing functional departments to actively participate in relations with the defense plants of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus, Eastern European countries and also coordinated with the Ministry of Defense, military, military, deployed imports of defense equipment to meet the requirements of also fulfilled tasks assigned by the Ministry of Defense.

To closely direct investment activities and effectively exploit existing projects such as Thai Son Trading Center, Scetpa Building, Hai Phong Bowinng Center and Ho Chi Minh City, A2 Pham Hung House; There are ongoing projects such as 20 Cong Hoa apartment and apartment projects, 18H Cong Hoa projects and ongoing projects such as pre-feasibility studies for the construction of a 660MW thermal power plant in Nhon Trach , Dong Nai; A project to build Highway 14, Binh Phuoc, investment project to plant 20,000 hectares rubber in the Kingdom of Cambodia. In addition, the Corporation is assigned by the State and Ministry of Defense to implement many key projects, including many projects in border, island, deep-lying and remote areas such as Border Guards, Road to Border, Nhieu Loc - Thi Nghe in Ho Chi Minh City, Ca Mau, Bac Lieu, An Giang, Kien Giang, Tra Vinh, Dong Thap, Ba Ria - Vung Tau ...

Taishan Vocational Training Center, to promote trainee trainee trainees, expand the linkage training for policy beneficiaries, army cadres, demobilization, infant soldiers wounded and sick soldiers. Collaborate with Command Engineering Technicians to complete the demining clearance program for staff to ensure the necessary conditions for the Department of Defense to issue clearance clearance. Equal to handle the bomb. Blast mine for the Corporation.

Joint ventures and joint ventures have gained a lot of achievements, especially the Long Binh Industrial Park Development Company Limited (LOTECO), operating more and more efficiently. For many years, American-Italian tile has caught up with "high quality Vietnamese goods" brand, ensuring the living of workers.

Promptly set out policies and measures to lead the Corporation to overcome difficulties and achieve economic objectives; To build a clean, strong and comprehensive Party, to ensure jobs and improve the living conditions of officials, employees and workers; Solid internal unity, good implementation of public relations, policy work.

In addition to the advantages, in 2013 and next year, there are many difficulties and challenges such as: The situation in the world, the region continues to develop complexly, hostile forces promote " Average "against the revolution of our country. Unstable situation of the business

In the new phase, the Corporation has identified specific directions to focus on:

1. thoroughly understand and strictly abide by the resolutions, directives and regulations of the Party, the State, the army and the assigned tasks. Strengthening the leadership of the Party, regularly strengthening its forces in accordance with the Chart. The payroll has been approved by the General Directorate of General Counsel and operates the effective operation model in the form of parent company and subsidiary. Strive to become a powerful corporation of the Ministry of Defense and the State.

2. Focus on sustainable development of key sectors: application and transfer of technology, import of defense equipment; Investment business oriented development of industrial parks and residential areas; Basic construction and vocational training, and also ready to receive and accomplish excellently tasks assigned by the Ministry of Defense. Strive for production and business to ensure "quality, efficiency, safety and sustainability", exceeding the state budget and higher levels.

3. Improve the quality of traditional science and technology products, special environmental treatment products, protective materials, medicine, and apply and transfer new technology products. School consumes on the basis of exploiting existing strengths. Build and develop overseas brands, focusing on Russian Federation, CIS countries and Cambodia.

4. Promote the development of potential, including skilled staff, competent management skills, professional qualifications, along with the development of synchronous and modern material. , Ensure by 2015 Competition in the country and abroad.

5. To harmonize the integration of the development of production and business with the continuous improvement of the material and spiritual lives of officials, workers and harmony with the interests of the whole community. Engage actively in social activities, together with localities, to care for more and more employment, vocational training and job creation for demobilized people, hunger, poverty alleviation and gratitude. .

6. Enhance the quality of leadership of party organizations, especially in affiliated units and joint stock companies. To effectively implement the Resolution of the Fourth Conference of the 11th National Assembly on "Some urgent issues in the construction of the present work of the Party." And continue to do "Study and follow the moral example of Ho Chi Minh." Build a clean, strong party, strong mass organizations, strong corporations.

During 22 years of construction and development, Thai Son Corporation has affirmed the morale and will of the soldier, overcome all difficulties and hardships to fulfill all assigned tasks. It is a 22 year effort of the generations of cadres, soldiers, employees to write about the glorious tradition of the Corporation.

On this day of joy, on behalf of the officers, soldiers and staff of Thai Son Corporation, I express my deep gratitude to the Party, State, leaders of the Ministry of Defense, Vietnam. Russia, authorities, authorities and local people and friends all over the world have been generous helping to facilitate the Corporation over the years. At the same time, we recognize the contribution of the generations of officers, soldiers and employees who have participated in building the Corporation through the period and nurtured the good achievements that the Corporation has achieved. crystal-clear. 22 years.

The front line of the Corporation has many advantages, but also many difficulties, challenges, officers, soldiers, workers and workers Thai Son Corporation vow: solidarity, efforts to strive Stop to pass.

Enhance the fine tradition of the Corporation. Continue to deeply grasp, use creatively the views, guidelines and policies of the Party and the State, the directives of higher levels. Strengthening the innovation and improving the efficiency of enterprises, to achieve economic efficiency is a goal throughout, ensuring the development of the Corporation in the cause of industrialization and modernization of the country. Determined to build Thai Son Corporation to develop quickly, firmly and firmly, contribute positively to build stronger army, the country more prosperous.