Industrial zone development

actory, workshop, wastewater treatment tank, warehouse and industrial park infrastructure …

In 2004, Thai Son Corporation co-operated with Sojizt Group (Japan) to implement the LOTECO Industrial Park project in Dong Nai province. With this project, Thai Son Corporation officially deployed investment in the new field that is investment in developing infrastructure of industrial zones.

After a long time in operation, the LOTECO Industrial Park project not only brings a large source of revenue to the state budget, creating jobs for laborers but also contributing to socio-economic development. Project area … LOTECO is gradually becoming one of the key industrial zones of Dong Nai province.

Before the success of the LOTECO Joint Venture Project, Thai Son Corporation said that investment in infrastructure of industrial zone is a strength to be developed. On that basis, on 08/01/2016, Thai Son Corporation continues to cooperate with Hongkong partners to implement the project of Viet Phat Industrial Park and Urban Area with an area of ​​1,832, 95ha. During the mining process, the project has attracted much investment from both domestic and foreign partners. The project promises to bring high socio-economic efficiency in the province, create stable jobs for local labors, and affirms its position as well as strategic vision in the field of developing the IZ in the future.

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