Consulting & Training

Consultation on investment procedures, project formulation and management, architectural design, buildding consultancy …

In the context of globalization and international economic integration, the process of internationalization of production and division of labor takes place more and more intensively, besides the cooperation of increasingly fierce competition; Participation in global production and value chains has become a requirement for economies; The quality of human resources will be a decisive factor in enhancing the competitiveness and success of each nation.

Recognizing the importance of human resources, Thai Son Group has built and developed Thai Son Vocational Training Center with the goal of providing high quality trained workers to meet the requirements of industrialization. , Modernize the country. In Thai Son Group, vocational training is always associated with employment, supply of skilled labor, contributing to solve the special interests of students as well as business. In addition to the main tasks of training computer technicians, mechanical training, civil electric, driving classes, Thai Son Group always focus on diversifying the types of vocational training needs. of society.
In order to improve the qualifications and qualifications of vocational trainers, Thai Son Group always sends its staff to attend vocational training courses organized by the General Department of Vocational Training.

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