(Address: Tan Lap 1, Lap 2 Tan, Tan Phuoc – Tien Giang)
Geographical location:
Located in areas with convenient traffic location.
+ How to Tan Son Nhat airport 60km
+ The Town Tan An – Long An 12 km
+ The Ho Chi Minh 60km.
+ My Tho city 12km.
+ The My Tho port 8 km.
+ Located adjacent highway Saigon – Trung Luong

Infrastructure uniform
Internal roads in the industrial park is asphalted concrete, in accordance with the standard of roads in Vietnam. Backbone of 34m wide, 21.5 meters wide backbone side

Electricity High Voltage Station 110KV and 22KV lines serving individual needs of the electricity used in the business.

Industrial water is supplied from the water quality standard TC505/BYT the Ministry of Health. Besides, enterprises can save costs by using groundwater.

Wastewater in the area are handled through the wastewater treatment plant Industrial standard international capacity 2.500m3/ngay night

System of modern communications, provides full services and Telecommunications.

System of trees, grass cover will be arranged in accordance with environmental and landscape industrial zone.

Treatment system will provide solid waste collection services household garbage and waste industry after the treatment of each enterprise.

Drainage waste pipe with reinforced concrete centrifugal ¢ 400 leading companies from the sewage treatment station of the industrial park, is processed at the treatment plant area, then exit to the wastewater system the city.

Rain water drainage system with reinforced concrete box culvert with a width of 1 meter, slope i = 3% general auction on rain water drainage system of the area.

Fire protection systems are located on the axis line of the industrial park road
Branch banking systems and automated teller machine (ATM) located at the industrial zone to provide banking services, credit, help enterprises to rapidly facilitate liquidity and pay salaries for CNCNV.

Area union industry – service, Tan Phuoc industrial zone is concentrated in the industrial system of Tien Giang province, is the general industrial multi-sector (priority types of industrial high, no box infection).
* Industrial services – includes the following main areas:
+ Light industry
+ Producing toys
+ Electronics production area
+ Area of production, processing agricultural, forestry and fisheries
+ Medical equipment, pharmaceuticals
+ Textile yarn, garment
+ Warehouse, Bonded Zone
+ The area reserved for heavy industry.
* The complex and residential services including:
+ Housing area workers,
+ Area professionals
+ Area business services
+ The complex sports entertainment
+ Training Center
+ Park trees.