Technology transfer

Application & Technology Transfer is one of the key activities of Thai Son Group.

It is not just the introduction of modern advanced technologies in the world for domestic applications but also the role of a pioneer enterprise in deploying the application of scientific research into practical, Develop, experiment and put into production of high technology and technology products. Research projects of Thai Son Group have been and continue to be deployed in the practice of national defense and life …

Thai Son Group is ready to meet the needs of customers in specialized construction, hi-tech services, logistic services for petroleum, electricity, chemicals, marine, Onshore and offshore; Supply and installation of civil and industrial refrigeration products. Thai Son Group is always looking for design, construction and installation solutions to achieve the highest investment efficiency and utilization for the projects, bringing to customers a wide range of services ranging from private Design, construction, training, technology transfer and finished products / works to the end user.

Chuyển giao công nghệ
Chuyển giao công nghệ

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