Construction is a core business of Thai Son Corporation. With more than 20 years of experience through hundreds of large-scale construction projects in various fields such as bridges, ports, roads, railways, industrial parks, airports, civil and industrial projects. Thaison Group aims to become a leading construction company with a strong commitment to the progress – Quality – Effectiveness – Fine arts of projects and works.



The strengths of Thaison Group come from People, Modern Equipment and New Technology. Thai Son Corporation has built a team of engineers, experienced professionals; Team of skilled workers, well trained, disciplined and well tested through many projects. Continuing to invest in the latest equipment and construction machinery, Thaison Group has been able to successfully implement complex projects that require high technology and shorten time. Construct and enhance the quality of the works. In addition, the continuous updating and application of technological advances in construction techniques and new materials has helped Thaison Group have more solutions for construction works, giving more choices to the owner. from.



Thai Son Group always put the progress, the quality of works to the top, followed by a team of skilled designers, professional managers ensure the effectiveness, progress and aesthetic elements for the project.

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